Sample Questions for Interviews

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Early Learning Placements recommends that you ask potential employees a variety of interview questions and utilise a variety of different techniques. For assistance and further details with interviews, please contact your Early Learning Placements Consultant.

Below is a good cross section of interview questions that may assist you with your selection process.

At the beginning of the interview

Early Learning Placements recommends that prior to commencing the interview you take a little bit of time to get to know the potential employee. Whilst educational qualifications and work experiences are important, so is the cultural fit to your business. Most jobseekers do get nervous prior to interview so to get the most out of your interview process by enabling the candidate to relax and demonstrate their full potential, it is often useful to commence your interview with a few icebreakers and general questions.

General questions

How do you think your past Manager would describe you?
What do you think is your greatest strength?
Can you summarise the contribution you would make to our organisation?
What accomplishment has given you the most satisfaction?
What has been your most challenging work experience to date?
Please tell me about the greatest professional assignment you've ever handled?
Why do you believe you are the best candidate for this position?

Situational questions

The basic theory of situational interview questions is that past behaviour is indicative of future behaviour. Asking potential employees about experiences they had in the past, what the situation was, what action they took and what the outcome was will give you a good indication as to how they are likely to handle a similar situation in the future.

Recommended competencies to focus on may include but not be limited to:

Team work
Enthusiastic approach

As recruitment industry specialists, Early Learning Placements Consultants can be available to assist you and your team with their interview techniques or be part of your interview process.