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  • Tracy Watson
  • Friday, February 3, 2017
Blog Image - How will I create the “Career to Shape My Future?”

What are the benefits of being a casual?

    • Doing casual work while you are studying towards a qualifications is a great way to implement what you are learning in theory into a real work situation.
    • Given you can update your availability for work on a weekly basis, casual work enables you flexibility around your study commitments.
    • Casual work enables you to see how different centres operate, different programming styles and different teaching philosophies.
    • Enjoy a variety of team cultures.

What can I do different to stand out from other casuals?

      • Be proactive, ask your room leader “what is the best way I can help you today?
      • Go to your assignment equipped with resources / ideas for activities
      • Be willing to travel a little further than you would on a permanent basis
      • Keep ELP up to date with your availability.
      • Engage with the children, get involved with the activities.
      • Work as part of the team, introduce yourself to team members.
      • Be happy to do whatever is asked of you.
      • Wear your ELP shirt and name tag so that the team can identify you.

How will I get regular work?

      • Keep the team at ELP updated with your availability.
      • Be flexible in your approach to shifts that you are offered.
      • Once you accept a shift, ensure that you commit to it.
      • When you are at work, be interested, be proactive, be engaged, be
      • friendly.
      • If you get to a centre and you do a good job, typically they’ll request you back next time they need a casual.